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Do you want to homeschool your kids, but you worry you’re going to fail them? Do you want their childhood days to be filled with more memories learning from home and playing, rather than sitting at a desk all day? Are you worried you won’t be able to homeschool your children well AND be a productive work from home mom? Do you wish you could push the easy button so you knew how to get started with less overwhelm? 
Homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing or done only after you’ve given up your work from home job.
 In this podcast I will teach you how to simplify homeschooling by building rhythms and routines that work with your day instead of fighting against it - so you can have more stress-free time at home with your kiddos WHILE balancing a job as a work from home mom.

 Hey - I’m Joellee Gregersen. I’m a wife, entrepreneur, christian momma to three young kiddos, and I am passionate about homeschooling! 
When I decided to start doing my research in preparation to homeschool my oldest daughter, I was lost in a sea of information, overwhelmed by the choices I had to make and frustrated with the lack of resources available for homeschooling, work from home moms. After lots of research and reflecting on my own homeschooling experience growing up, I realized that most of the information I could find about homeschooling was WAY too complicated for a lot of people. There is a way to simplify homeschooling and to build rhythms and routines as a work from home mom. I found a way to balance it all in a way that felt good to both me and my family...and I can’t wait to share it all with you! 
If you are ready to simplify homeschooling, find good rhythms and routines as a work from home mom, feel confident in your homeschool journey, and get to experience all of the beauty that is hiding under the overwhelm… then this podcast is for you!

 So grab your notebook and a hot cup of coffee and let’s build this homeschooling dream together!

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3 days ago

The other day I got the BEST compliment and as I was reflecting on the compliment, I really credit it to being homeschooled growing up!If you want to hear what the compliment was and WHY I credit it to being homeschooled as a kid, then definitely listen in!
I hope this gives you some encouragement about homeschooling your own kids.Xo, Jo

5 days ago

Have you ever had one of those days where your kids have SO much energy and you are overstimulated by 9AM? In this episode I have a great Motherhood Hack that I have been doing and it saves my sanity some days! I hope you enjoy it!Xo, Jo

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

If you haven't experienced it yet... trust me, you are going to! People get TRIGGERED when you say you are homeschooling your kiddos! Today I will be talking about the number 1 reason people get so triggered by homeschooling and I give you a tip to handle the situation. I hope you guys love this episode! Xo, JoP.S. If you haven't left me a review, could you take 30 seconds of your time and do that? This expands my reach which allows me to impact more homeschool moms! And it motivates me to keep going :) Thank you!!

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Are you having a ROUGH season in motherhood? Maybe a really rough day (or week?)... Here are 4 tips to get you out of your funk! In this episode I open up about a recent funk I went through and how I managed to turn it all around. I hope you guys enjoy this episode and it gives you some encouragement! Xo, Jo

Thursday May 02, 2024

Letting our kids pursue their passions is SO important when trying to create lifelong learners. In this episode we talk about why homeschooling your kids is the best way to allow them to pursue passions. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Xo, Jo

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

It's common for us to think that public school education has no holes and your kid will get the best education from there... After all, the world is constantly telling us that!In this episode I am talking about one hole in the public school education model that we as homeschool moms are able to fill! I hope you guys enjoy this one. Xo, Jo

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Moms choose to Homeschool their kids for all sorts of reasons. Tune in to today's episode where I talk about why I personally chose to Homeschool my kiddos. I hope you guys enjoy this episode! Xo, Jo

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

As moms, we always hate seeing our kiddos failing at something. It's our instinct to want to jump in and fix everything and make everything better. In today's episode I am diving into the reasons you should NOT deprive your kids from having failures!This is a great one, I hope you guys enjoy it! Xo. Jo

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Seeds of doubt will creep up all the time in our homeschool journey... You have to be prepared to shift your mindset so that the seed of doubt don't have time to grow roots.In today's episode I cover one common thought that plants seeds of doubt in moms heads often!I hope this episode blesses you! Xo, Jo

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Do you tend to have fears surrounding what society thinks about your choice to homeschool your kids?Do you get nervous that people are going to judge you when you tell them you are homeschooling?If so, this podcast episode is for you! Tune in, it's going to be a good one!Xo, Jo


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